Collaboration > Competition

You've heard it before: your network is your net worth. One of the best investments you can make for your business is by investing in your network. Although there are countless ways you can boost your business and gain exposure, a styled shoot is one of the most fun and beneficial ways to create and build your network and your portfolio. It also inspires creativity - who doesn't love that?

What is a styled shoot?

A styled shoot can be all-encompassing. Today, we're covering a wedding styled shoot. With a styled shoot, several industry vendors collaborate to create a series of photo or video opportunities. Vendors can include gown designers, wedding planners, invitation makers, cake vendors, wedding venues, photographers and videographers.

Styled shoots allow for learning opportunities, too. You're able to network with these vendors in a less-stressful environment. This new and expansive network will share images from the shoot and credit participants which gets your business exposure, too.

Check out these images from a styled shoot Eventistry participated in this summer. Vendors are listed below.

Whitley | Event Planner & Coordinator