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Hiring a local wedding planner - is it worth it?

  • "Everything is available online."

  • "I have such great bridesmaids - they're so excited to help!"

  • "I've been Pinterest-ing this for years!"

  • "I can't afford it."

  • "My venue already has one."

  • "I got this!!!!"

Sound familiar? Wedding season has commenced. Whether you're up to say 'I do' or celebrating someone who is - there are a few things you should know about hiring a local wedding planner.

Rehearsal Dinner Tableware
Every detail matters

Depending on how far you are in the wedding planning process, it's probably A LOT more work than anticipated, right? Every engaged couple anticipates their wedding day and the celebrations accompanied with it. Ask how they feel about the planning process and the responses vary greatly. Here are some reasons of why and why not.

The Good

  • Your event/wedding planner is your wing (wo)man. Imagine having a personal assistant to be there for you for whatever you need. You’ll never miss a payment deadline. Your vendors, bridesmaids, and groomsmen will be informed of everything they need. You won’t fight every other week because the cake is going to be strawberry flavored. We’ll step in when that one cousin gets out of control in the middle of dinner. We got your back!

  • We’re like, "know-it-alls"- businessmen, lawyers, and overprotective mothers. There are countless things to attend to in the planning process and on the wedding day. Be sure your wedding planner reviews your contracts and ensures you’re getting what you’ve been told, what you’re paying for, and the quality you expect. If your flowers arrive on site - are they fresh? Did your vendor promise you extra time during your meeting? Is it in that contract you just signed? Your planner shouldn’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

  • Vendor Ambassadors. Vendors have relationships with planners. They want to establish and maintain a relationship in hopes of receiving future service through the planner. You can expect quality work when referred to a vendor through your planner and maybe even receive exclusive referral pricing.

  • Tips and Tricks.This is our profession and yes, we know the tips and tricks of the industry. Expect your planner to make everything easier and how you prefer it to be - unique, classic, or just custom to your theme. What’s the traditional wedding procession? How do you negotiate with a vendor? Oh, yeah, we know.

  • We handle the little things you didn’t think of doing - or want to. In your contract with your catering company, you’re given 210 napkins, guess who is staying after your wedding ensuring that 210 napkins are returned so you’re not charged for missing items? If you guessed your wedding planner, you’re right. The little things that we reviewed in your contracts, we take care of everything and on the day of your wedding, the least thing you want to do is stress over those little things.

  • We’re all about YOU. So you’ve been pinning your wedding since 2015 and you already downloaded and printed all the wedding timelines and task lists? Those aren’t custom to YOU and won’t be running around on your wedding day to ensure all is perfect! Sometimes those worksheets end up more confusing and messy, too. An event planner has your timeline, your agenda, and your entire wedding down to a science - expect the most personalized service, after all - it is YOUR day.


  • Costs. If it’s somebody’s profession, it’s somebody’s expense. Check the average costs of wedding planners in your area and schedule consultations to find the best company for you. Remember: quality of service always matters.

  • Personality. You don’t want to get stuck in a contract with a planner who just doesn’t get ‘it’ or get you. If you’re hiring a planner to completely plan your wedding, you want to be sure you they understand your personality preferences. Your planner should be well-rounded because they’re also working with your vendors, family and friends.

  • Consistent Communication. This is something you’ll want, unless you just want to show up the day of and be surprised. Your wedding planner will need you for approval on the details or need you to be present to sign the vendor contracts.

  • You enjoy the mayhem. So if you’re that person who wants to be fully invested in the process, the wedding planner might seem as an interference to you. A sense of detachment could evolve because you’re only as present as needed. However, you should communicate to your planner how involved you want to be - or what parts you want to completely address.

Naturally, we’re a little biased but the benefits outweigh the risks. Unless you enjoy being 100% involved in the process - including the stress - or are planning a very private ceremony, you might reconsider hiring a planner.

Your wedding day isn’t one you want to risk leaving it up to chance or the “it’ll be better next time.” Hire a professional; let us do our thing!

We hope this helps you with not only proceeding with an event planner - but the RIGHT one. Make your masterpiece flawlessly yours.

Yours Truly,

Amera Fattah

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