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Finally, a date that makes perfect sense.

detroit date night

What is a Dateopia?

Dateopia is a date night experience the way it was meant to be - memorable, enjoyable, and personal.  A Dateopia is a product; it's a service; it's an experience.


Ultimately, Dateopia is a date kit with ingredients for a date of your preference. The date can be at home, in a car, or wherever life is taking you. It's a simple way of checking in with your date without all of the complications and details of getting it right with the other kinds of dates.


Dateopia: A Confection of Affection.

your questions, answered

  • Who is Dateopia for? Dateopia is for anyone. Explore a Dateopia kit with your spouse, parent, friend or anyone you want. You can also gift it to someone else to indulge in with a date of their choice. 

  • What's in a Dateopia Kit? Each Dateopia kit includes different date ingredients - depending on your selected Dateopia purchase. Currently there are 4 different Dateopia themes. 

  • Where can I purchase a Dateopia? Purchase a Dateopia online, through Instagram or call 248-925-8473. 

  • Is Dateopia a subscription service? Not yet ;). Dateopia is a limited time exclusive. If you're interested in a monthly subscription, please contact us.

  • Can I substitute items in my Dateopia? Dateopia kits are sold as-is. 

  • Is Delivery Available? Yes, Dateopia kits are available for hand-delivery as well as shipping. Please contact us

  • What is special about Dateopia? So much! Dateopia is a locally hand crafted date kit by a Detroit native. Custom is our specialty. Unique touches are a part of each kit such as Kind Coupons or Reminder Cards. Gifting a Dateopia is a way to gift something memorable, something sentimental, something that feels good and something that just keeps on giving. 


the date kits

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