How it's said is as important as what's said. 

Your font pairing sets the theme for the wedding vibe. Rustic hand-lettered font or elegant calligraphy?

Our team of designers provide you with custom font pairings to allow you to bring your theme to the Eventation.


Various type styles can dramatically change the style of your invitation. What's your style?


  • Classic or Sophisticated

  • Simple or Daring

  • Elegant or Sassy

  • Charming or Artistic

  • Fanciful or Quirky

  • Romantic or Eccentric

  • Modern or Chic

  • Traditional or Bold

  • Refined or Dignified

Getting Started


An Eventation suite is comprised of various elements. Here's where you get started.


Shop our vast array of luxurious laser cut Eventations. Home of the Build Your Own Card.

print options

Take your Eventations to the next level by investing in the highest quality of print options. 


Perfectly packaged for your vision. We're modernizing the process, simply and authentically.