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Make a Lasting  Impression


There are countless options when it comes to invitation printing.


Each style sets a different vibe to your invitation.


Eventations by Eventistry offers the following options for invitation printing:



  • Engraving [$$$]

  • Foil Print [$$] (metallic pigments that give ink a sheen)

  • Letterpress [$$$] (letter and art plates are rolled with ink)

  • Digital print [$] (flat; often on ink or laserjet printers)

  • Thermography [$$] (most popular; raised level of ink)

  • Silk Screened [$$$] (text is inked onto paper through fine silk screen)

Do more with your design. 

Quality is in the Details

Getting Started


An Eventation suite is comprised of various elements. Here's where you get started.

font styles

What's your style? Learn about font pairings and how to choose the style that suits your vision.


Shop our vast array of luxurious laser cut Eventations. Home of the Build Your Own Card.


Perfectly packaged for your vision. We're modernizing the process, simply and authentically.

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