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100 Detroit Female Bloggers

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Eventistry had the pleasure of participating and styling Femology's 100 Detroit Female Blogger event. Hosted at Brooklyn Outdoor Lofts, the room was filled with some of Metro Detroit's finest and fiercest females.

Amera Fattah, owner and CEO of Eventistry, had the honor to introduce her business and mission. In addition to connecting with top talent, Eventistry connected Rose's Fine Foods to cater a delicious and fresh assortment of foods. The rustic and contemporary loft space was enhanced with touches of pink and gold accents. Maison Farola's flower arrangements added onto the fresh and colorful theme. It was a pleasure to connect to leading ladies who are running successful brands; such as, Anuja Tolia, a jewelry company with a captivating mission to "Embellish Your Body, Strengthen Your Soul.”

Check out the gallery below.

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