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Closing Deals in Style

I came across this journal entry of mine a few days ago. It reminded me of when I turned my signature into something.

I reflected back on the first bride to sign off with this new concept of mine.

Her reaction was priceless. During her Eventations delivery, the conversation went a little something like, “omg I’m so excited” to “I’m so happy – can I give you a hug?” It’s those moments that I know people see why I love what I do. Add passion and a personal touch to your work and see the ROI of that! It’s so important because what else sets you apart?

Your signature represents much more than just your name. That's right. Your signature should represent your personal brand. Think of designers, celebrities, athletes, and individuals with personal brands. What sets them apart?

Some are asked for signatures. Some are asked for autographs.

Say it with your signature then seal it with a piece of yourself.

I keep this cute girly notebook just for my 'my brain needs an assistant' thoughts. I let my brain overspill ideas onto the paper. Since the conception of Eventistry, I’ve always wanted my brand and my presence to resonate with those I connect with. With the Eventistry experience, I knew I had to seal the deal with something fun, unique, and personal. I thought of things that excite me, yet aren’t too outrageous to be gifted from your wedding planner / invitation designer. I have different ways to find the right way to craft up ideas. This time I worked backwards - I pictured the reaction I wanted when giving the closing gift.

What would make someone’s day? What can remain as a visible and positive experience/memory for a few days? What personal touch can I add to it? How can I incorporate my brand/service into it? Is it time and cost efficient?

As a small business owner, I always see the advantages of being a small business. Some might see the one-on-one with the client as the worst part of the job, but that’s one of the best parts. When you stand behind the quality of your work, understand your clients and believe in yourself, connecting with the customer is paramount to the success of your work.

Back to the closing gift brainstorming session. I promised myself I’d never do the never-works-ballpoint-pen promotional item. Along with the questions above, I set some criteria.

  • Something timeless – nothing perishable, nothing currently trending or inconsistent with the brand.

  • Something affordable – remember it’s a startup. We ball on a budget.

  • Classic, but not corporate or boring or ugly – some brides are wild child, others prefer simple and sweet.

  • Efficient – sustainable and doesn’t take more than 1 Netflix episode to complete.

  • Personal – can be specially made but not specially ordered. Yes, I got crafty with this. Also, always add one ‘you’ element.

  • Branding, Branding, Branding – throw in a logo or something to remind the client of you and your company.

After a few hours of online shopping, I came up with a signature i'm proud to sign off with.

This post was crafted and written by Amera Fattah.

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